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Where all the elements of vibrant
living can be found in one place;
and community
Would you like to be involved?
Are you interested in this project as a potential client and want to give us feedback about services you'd like to see? Email Pamela at and include 11D in the subject line.

Do you have a business or offer a service that you feel would fit well with this project? Either email Pamela or call her at
530-756-3949. Again, reference 11D in either the subject line or, if leaving a message, have the office staff reference 11D.
Pamela Trokanski has run the Dance Workshop in Davis, CA, since 1984. In addition
to her teaching at both the studio and at Davis Senior High School, she is also the
Director of the Pamela Trokanski Dance Theatre and The Third Stage Dance Company.

As a teacher, business owner, and artistic director, she is invested in both building
towards the future and giving back to the Davis community. While many of the
businesses and organizations that are involved with this project are people she has
come to know over the last three decades, some are new connections, all sharing a
common vision of the possibilities inherent in this project.

Others currently involved in Life in 11 Dimensions include: