Life in 11Dimensions...

Where all the elements of vibrant
living can be found in one place;
and community
The Life in 11Dimensions project is the creation of a unique physical environment  where anyone and everyone can find all the ingredients
necessary for living their best life ever; creativity, education, wellness, relaxation, and community.

The project is designed to work in multiple areas and on multiple levels... From meaningful experiences in all of the arts, to a diverse range of
educational programs and access to alternative modalities for wellness,  Life in 11Dimensions is designed so that every individual, regardless
of the life challenges they may face,  has the opportunity to live their most creative and healthy life, in a creative and healthy community,
contributing to a creative and healthy world…,

WHO IS INVOLVED?  In 2012, I (Pamela Trokanski) realized what I wanted to do with the undeveloped portion of the property I own and from
where I run the Dance Workshop...  From that moment on, I began reaching out to the community and now multiple people are involved in this
project. We are dancers, musicians, visual artists, theater people and poets. We are educators, mentors, writers and videographers. We are
wellness practitioners, massage therapists, Reiki masters, financial wellness counselors, yoga teachers... and more....We are a community of
people dedicated to ensuring that our part of the “ripple effect” is a positive one, expanding our outreach efforts to encompass under-served
members of our larger community and re-envisioning how communities connect and thrive.

WHERE ARE WE? Physically we are located in Davis California, on land that already accommodates the Dance Workshop.

The Project has five stages, beginning with the birth of the idea  in 2012, to the opening of the project which is projected to take place in April
of 2019.

We have successfully passed Stages 1 and 2, approved by the planning commission and unanimously supported by the City Council. 11D,LLC
has been incorporated as a Limited Liability Corporation in the State of California and I have established a relationship with a local lender and
SBA representative and have been told that I have more than enough equity in the property to cover the injection capital needed to get the
construction loan for the building.

We are now in the middle of Stage 3.
Life in 11Dimensions will be a debt funded project which means that, while I don't have a lot of liquid capital, I DO have enough equity in my
property to build the project and cover my part of the construction loan.  

he project was delayed for a little over a year as I problem solved how to come up with the liquid capital needed to cover the "bridge" between
getting the full set of plans finished and into the city by our deadline of November 2018.

Thanks to all who participated in the crowdfunding campaign! Your help was a part of it, as were the very generous actions of two local families
who together helped me finance the bridge! The full set of plans are now at the city offices, where different departments will look them over to
make sure all guidelines are followed for safety, etc.

YOUR support is still invaluable!…

Ask to be on our mailing list so you can get updates and give opinions as we shape the development of the project! Email us at and ask to be put on the mailing list for Life in 11D. Do you know of a business that might be a good fit? Let us know
about it or let them know about the project!

Get updates on

If you're new to this project and want to find out more, the facebook page has multiple "PAM" talks on the project covering topics from
involved to answering financial questions.

Pictured below: Bob at the City of Davis' Planning Office receiving all of our plans!

Watch the Video!
Life in 11 Dimensions Crowdfunding Campaign

We ran a crowdfunding campaign from August 11 - October 10.
Thanks to all who supported this project!