These outdoor scenic views will give you a sense of where we're headed!
Above is the proposed view from the front doors of the Dance Workshop, looking out past the tiled courtyard,
which will become a shaded performance area, to the doorways to the atrium and the outdoor cafe area.
Above is an aerial view of the site plan, showing how the new building will be constructed where a portion of our parking is
currently located, with the new parking lot (complete with solar) wrapping around the back. We expect to have 107
parking spaces as well as plenty of bike parking.
This is the view from the Del Rio Place cul de sac area. The tables are part of where Stone Soup Cafe will have both  
indoor and outdoor tables.
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Aerial view showing the relationship of the new building to the existing Dance Workshop, plus the reconfiguration of
our outdoor courtyard to a shaded performance area!