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Heartfelt Thanks to
Life in 11 Dimensions Crowdfunding Supporters
Thursday, August 11 - Monday, October 10
on Indiegogo and at the
Pamela Trokanski Dance Workshop and Performing Arts Center
2720 Del Rio Place, Davis, CA  95618  

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On August 11, Pamela began a crowdfunding campaign to move the project forward. Find out the details by clicking on the video link below!

Many thanks and deep appreciation to the following people who have contributed to the crowdfunding campaign!
As per our "perks" listed on Indiegogo, contributors at the $50 level and higher get their names listed on our web site!
If your name is not here and you believe we have left you off in error, please contact Pamela at       

Contributors at the $50 Level
Lucia Lynn Kaiser
Elsa Ruiz-Duran
Diane Camurat
Susan Stone
Ron & Loyla Vogel
Frank, Mariko, and Mia Di Genova
Melanie Bowden
Edythe Schwartz
Jenn Rogge
Laura Yen
Shannon Gray
Howling Farmer
Erika Ripley
Nicole Bell
Yang Su
Daniel Starr & Becky Sawyer
Cheyenne Roberts
Analisa Beven
Patti Gay

Contributors at the $75 Level:
Roberta Wong
Jocelyn Anderson
Matt Urban
Elizabeth A Fulmer
Dorothy Ross
Jan Fiore
Amy Habicht

Contributors at the $100+ Level:
Casey Lew-Williams
Kamala and Jack Paul
Sue Gelber
Patty Shade
Linda Clevenger
MoneyMindful Personal finance Coaching
Patricia Kurata
Allegra Silberstein
Melissa Craven
Marion Franck
Barbara & John Ashby
Linda and Lou Ziskind
Robert Schulz
Craig Lundgren & karen Hamilton
Sharon Trokanski
Steve Bell
Ai Hayashi
Dair & Davis Rausch
Cheryl Kurata
The Folb Family
Elizabeth Vitiello
The Rowland Family
Karen Crane
Inci Midillioglu

Contributors at the $200+ Level:
Patrick Gaffney
Lian E's Family
Emily Henderson
Kim Baxter
Sara Casey
Joan Yen
Andrea Needle
Funshine Meeks

Contributors at the $300+ Level:
Ursula Anders
Bill Roe

Contributors at the $500 Level:
Jennifer Schultens
Stephen Harrison
Robert Lindley
Taylor Herrera
Jackie J. Simpson

Contributors at the $1,000 Level:
Kristin Olotka & The Boutin Family
Hank Lawson
DJ's Welding Supplies (Daniel & Juliet Herrera)
Far Western Anthropological Research Group
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