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Going to a dance class, then getting a massage, and then eating a wonderful meal created from locally sourced
foods, all in the same complex...Or being able to get a cup of coffee and work on your laptop while your child
attends dance class...Or supporting your mental and physical well-being with yoga, healthy food, alternative body
work such Reiki and Acupressure, while exploring theatre or the visual arts as a practitioner or audience member...
Or having your c
hild study both robotics and ballet, without the extra driving time.

It's the adventure of a lifetime, and it's coming to Davis, California... Its mission: To facilitate living the most creative
and healthy of lives possible, in a creative and healthy community, contributing to a creative and healthy world
through an intriguing combination of multiple art forms, body work, healthy eating, technology, academic
enrichment through the arts, wellness modalities, and much more!

Additional aspects of this project include outreach to under-served members of the community, the creation of
internship and mentoring programs, and the development of educational DVDs, podcasts, and webinars, in the
video and music production studio. As Oprah Winfrey once said, "The biggest adventure you can ever take is to
live the life of your dreams." Life in 11Dimensions is all about creating an environment that can help every
individual further along that path.

The Inspiration & The Vision:
In string theory, one of the original ideas was that there were actually 11 dimensions, and that human beings are
only aware of four of them.  Life in 11D is about thinking "outside the box" and optimizing the human experience,
from birth to death, through programs, products, and services that support the development of excellence in
multiple areas, irregardless of whether you are a  child, a teen, or an adult of any age."

In addition,
Life in 11Dimensions is designed around a creativity model that will support collaboration between the
multiple businesses and organizations involved, allowing them to not only thrive as separate entities but develop
services and products that have not yet been imagined.

And... It also stands for:
A multi-Dimensional experience that encourages Dovetailed Development, Designed Delight, Dedicated Discipline,
Dynamic Discovery and Davis as a Destination.

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See the November 3, 2015 City Council Meeting Presentation:

Scroll down to the November 3 video and click. You'll see a page with and agenda that lists Life in 11 Dimensions!
If you click on 11D in the agenda column, our part of the meeting comes up.

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